Hi, I’m Giacomo and I’m a freelance videographer and 3D generalist based in Berlin.

I started my academic life in 2002 with a BA in Painting in Lecce, Italy, mostly to support my interest in visual arts. I traveled and interacted with many talented cinematographers and in 2008, I began to approach the world of motion pictures by working along with independent film productions and grounding in cinematography.

After relocating to Berlin and learning more about video and animation, I attended, in 2015, an advanced training course in Maxon Cinema 4D at the IBB Institut für Berufliche Bildung. At the same time, I had the chance to collaborate with many other creatives and to be responsible for 3D animations, design, camera, editing and post-production for diversified projects.

In the last years, I worked for an international media company located in Germany, where I’ve been planning ideas, leading researches and creating videos for their website and social media.

Now as freelancer, with over 15 years of practice and expertise in 2D/3D animation, filming and post-production, I can produce visuals in unison with your needs by making use of the most varied techniques technologies.

I am open to collaborations, so if you are interested in my work, contact me!

Giacomo Merchich
+49 176 99705086